Season 1,

#1 Garfield Minus Garfield

July 31, 2017

What happens when you remove the star of the show from the show? This week, Dan Walsh tells the story of how he chopped Garfield out of Garfield, gained millions of fans and attracted the attention of the one person he didn’t want to find out about what he’d done: Garfield creator, Jim Davis.

In an act that should qualify him for the brilliant editors hall of fame, Dan Walsh discovered that if all traces of Jim Davis’s lazy, lasagna-scarfing cat were expunged from his own comic strip, Garfield became a funnier, much darker series, about a desperately lonely, self-loathing man’s existential despair.

– Publishers Weekly

Episode Credits

Produced / Hosted by Liam Geraghty

Theme music by Breakmaster Cylinder 

Original music for this episode was by Vin McCreith of VMC Sound

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Special thanks to website guru John Coote

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