Season 2,

#8 Waiting for Ira

January 29, 2018

This weeks episode of Meet Your Maker throws away the advice that you should never meet your heroes and ends up with a toast from Shane MacGowan, a letter from Harper Lee, an insult from Hunter S. Thompson and a dance pose from Ira Glass.

Show Credits

Produced / Hosted by Liam Geraghty

Theme music by Breakmaster Cylinder 

Amy O’Connor on Twitter

Marty Beckerman

Photos from the stories in this episode:

Above: Shane MacGowan & Dave Millstein pre-shirt swap

Above: Shane MacGowan & Dave Millstein post-shirt swap

Above: a sample of Amy O’Connor’s autograph collection

Above: Marty Beckerman meeting Hunter S. Thompson

Above: (Right to left) Liam Geraghty, Amanda Knights, Ira Glass, Maria Carroll and Mbongeni Zwangobani,

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