What is Meet Your Maker?

Meet Your Maker is a show about the people who make the things we love. We meet the makers, creators, composers, authors and builders of the cultural landscape. Each crafted episode goes behind the curtain, inside the mechanics and onto the pages of scribbled on, ink soaked notepads to hear stories of how people made the things they made! It’s hosted by Liam Geraghty.

Where should I start listening?

Meet Your Maker is a shiny new podcast so we’d recommend episode 1!

Who composed Meet Your Maker’s theme tune?

That would be the rather brilliant Breakmaster Cylinder.​

How can I support the show?

We love our listeners. Seriously. If you ever meet Liam and tell him you listen to MYM he will give you a high five on the spot.

There are several ways you can support Meet Your Maker.

We welcome donations which come in very handy for the time, travel and tech needed to run the show. Click here to donate

A simple and lovely way to support the show is by telling a friend or two about it! Share your favourite episodes online and review us on iTunes and we’ll love you forever.

You can also take this 30 second survey which is super useful to us!

Who made the Meet Your Maker logo?

Irish based graphic art duo The Project Twins whose work we adore.

How can we air one of your episodes?

If you’re a content producer for a radio station and would like to air one of the stories from our show please get in touch with liam[@]liamgeraghty[dot]com to enquire about rates.

Where is the show made?

The show is produced out of Dublin city centre, a stone’s throw away from where Jonathan Swift was dean of St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

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