They say you should never meet your idols….

Well, in Season 2 we’re doing a whole episode about meeting your heroes and we want to hear YOUR stories! E-mail a voice memo telling us about your experience of meeting your hero – whether negative or positive – and e-mail to with the subject line ‘MYM HERO’. Your story may feature in the new season!

Some tips for making a good recording:

  • Record in a quiet room
  • Make sure any appliances that make noise are switched off
  • Close any windows that might let in busy street noises
  • Hold your phone about a hands length away from your mouth

I’m thrilled to announce that I’m hosting HISTORY’s new Vikings podcast! I’ll be taking you inside the world of the hit show with interviews with the cast, crew and creators, and original stories from behind-the-scenes. I’ll take you through the epic journey that goes into making the epic show and get you ready for the premiere of Season 5 on Wednesday 29th November at 9/8c.


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This week we talk to two anime voice actor legends – Caitlin Glass (Pokemon, Street Fighter) and Chuck Huber (Dragon Ball Z, Star Trek Continues) about the tricky process of dubbing Japanese animation into English.

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Liam takes a road trip with film and TV composer Steve Lynch on a search to find a harmonium.

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